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29th December 2016

Hogmanay medal

This Saturday 31st December, 8.30am start. 12 holes, bottle of spirits for the winner.

Then sit down to watch the Old firm match.


18th December 2016

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League

Week 5 results league A
Marshall/Dunn bt Whitelaw/Mckirdy 6&5
Livingstone/McArthur bt Standaloft/Whitelaw 3&2
Shaw/Jardine bt Ivory/Leitch 4&3
McIntyre/Thom halved Ried/fisher
League B
Turnbull/Maltman bt Shanks/Greer 2&1
Stewart/Hinshelwood bt Leitch/Leitch 6&5
Jamieson/Black bt Lintermans/Dunn 6&4
Webster/McPhail bt Dunn/Dunn 7&5

Winter league will return to action in 2017
January 15th.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year
From PBGC to all its members.

11th December 2016

Rothesay motor services Winter league

Fixtures Sunday Dec 18th
8.30 Marshall/Dunn v Whitelaw/Mckirdy
8.40 Shanks/Greer v Turnbull/Maltman
8.50 Livingstone/McArthur v Standaloft/Whitelaw
9am Leitch/Leitch v Stewart/Hinshelwood
9.10 Ivory/Leitch v Shaw/Jardine
9.20 Lintermans/Dunn v Jamieson/Black
9.30 Thom/Mcintyre v Fisher/Ried
9.40 Dunn/Dunn v Webster/Mcphail

6th December 2016


Sam Jamieson is checking if there is any interest in having a Family Hogmanay Event in the clubhouse to ring in the bells. Families with children, members and non members welcome. Let Sam know what you think or put your names on the sheet in the foyer if you are interested.

There is nothing on in the village Hall this Hogmanay.

4th December 2016

After week 4 ………

LEAGUE A                                                 Pts                     +/-

1.   Standaloft/Whitelaw                11                         +7

2.   Shaw/Jardine                                10                      +14

3.   Livinstone/McArthur                    9                        +4

4.   Thom/McIntyre                              8                        +3

5.   Ivory/Leitch                                      8                         -2

6.   Marshall/ Dunn                              6                         -1

7.   McKirdy/Whitelaw                        5                     -12

8.   Reid/Fisher                                      3                     -13


1.   Shanks/Greer                                11                      +5

2.   Stewart/Hinshelwood                10                      +6

3.   Dunn/Lintermans                        10                      +2

4.   Leitch/Leitch                                  8                      +5

5.   Webster/McPhail                        7                        -2

6.   Jamieson/Black                            6                        -6

7.   Turnbull/Maltman                      6                        -9

8.   Dunn/Dunn                                    5                        -1

4th December 2016

Rothesay motor services Winter league


New members stole the headline in Week 4 with credible wins for Roddie and Ryan Leitch beating Sam Jamieson and John Black 4&3.  Not to be outdone Matthew Leitch playing with his grandpa Mike Ivory also won 4&3 over Graham Fisher and sponsor David Reid.  Finally things came together for Neil McKirdy and John Whitelaw as they were unlucky only to half with the unbeaten Donald Standaloft and Hector Whitelaw.

Week 4 results.

League A

Leitch/Ivory bt Fisher/Reid 4&3

Shaw/Jardine bt Livinstone/McArthur 4&3

Standaloft/Whitelaw halved McKirdy/Whitelaw

Thom/McIntyre bt Dunn/Marshall 2&1

League B

Lintermans/Dunn bt Webster/McPhail 1 up

Leitch/Leitch bt Jamieson/Black 4 &3

Stewart/Hinshelwood bt Turnbull/Maltman 3&2

Shanks/Greer bt Dunn/Dunn 1 up.

Coming up this Sunday 11th December Medal.

27th November 2016

Rothesay motor services Winter league

Week 4 fixtures Sunday December 4th.

8.30 Fisher/Reid V Ivory/Leitch
8.40 Webster/McPhail v Lintermans/Dunn
8.50 Shaw/Jardine v Livingstone/Mc Arthur
9.00 Jamieson/Black v Leitch/Leitch
9.10 Standaloft/Whitelaw v Whitelaw/Mckirdy
9.20 Stewart/Hinshelwood v Turnbull/Maltman
9.30 Thom/McIntyre v Dunn/Marshall
9.40 Dunn/Dunn v Shanks/Greer

Salmon leap will continue on Saturdays throughout the winter with 1pm ballot.

21 November 2016

Race Night

A huge thanks to all that came along to the race night on Saturday 19th November and supported the club. A fantastic £1153 was raised on the night which will go to the equipment fund. A special thanks must go to Ian Shaw and Paul Phillips who were the resident bookies on the night and ensured all bets were placed and winnings distributed. Thanks also to Zoe Whitelaw and Iain McFarlane for keeping the bar going and to all the sponsors of the races, it is much appreciated.

Sam Jamison

20 November 2016

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League Week 3 Results 

League A

Standaloft/Whitelaw bt Thom/McIntyre 1 up.

Reid/Crichton halved Shaw/Jardine

Livingstone/McArthur bt Marshall/Dunn 3 & 1

Ivory/Leitch bt Whitelaw/McKirdy 5 & 4

League B

Stewart/Hinshelwood b Dunn/Dunn 1 up

Jamieson/Black bt McPhail/Webster 2 up

Shanks/Greer bt Leitch/Leitch 2 & 1

Lintermans/Dunn bt Turnbull/Maltman 3 & 2

League positions after Week 3

League A                                                             points

1. Livingstone/McArthur                               9             (+8)

2. Standaloft/Whitelaw                                 9             (+7)

3. Shaw/Jardine                                             7             (+10)

4. Thom/McIntyre                                         5             (+1)

4. Marshall/Dunn                                          5             (+1)

6. Ivory/Leitch                                                5             (-6)

7. Whitelaw/McKirdy                                     3             (-12)

8. Reid/Crichton                                             2             (-9)

League B

1. Shanks/Greer                                               8              (+4)

2. Lintermans/Dunn                                      7              (+9)

3. Stewart/Hinshelwood                                7              (+3)

4. Webster/McPhail                                       6              (-1)

5. Turnbull/Maltman                                     5              (+2)

6. Leitch/Leitch                                              5              (+1)

7. Dunn/Dunn                                                5              (0)

8. Jamieson/Black                                          5              (-2)

This Saturday 26th will be November Medal and Sunday being a par 3 competition with format on the noticeboard.

13 November 2016

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League 
Week 3 Fixtures Sunday 20th November

8.30        Thom/McIntyre v Standaloft/ Whitelaw

8.40        Dunn/Dunn v Stewart/Hinshelwood

8.50        Reid/Crichton v Shaw/Jardine

9.00        Webster/McPhail v Jamieson/Black

9.10        Livingstone/McArthur v Marshall/Dunn

9.20        Leitch/Leitch v Shanks/Greer

9.30        Ivory/Leitch v Whitelaw/McKirdy

9.40        Lintermans/Dunn v Turnbull/Maltman

13 November 2016

Graham Dunn and team have erected our new two bay practice area, thanks go to comic relief for a generous grant.


12 November 2016

Graham Dunn has been busy in the club lounge, getting ready for Saturday 19th and the race night. Any donations for the raffle gratefully received.

“Just a reminder for all members that there is a race night being held at the Golf Club on 19th November, first race at 20:00 sharp. If unable to attend you can still be involved by buying a tri cast square for the last race. £3 per square with the chance to win £100. Come along and support YOUR club. Contact Sam on 07546535108 for details and to purchase a square”



7th November 2016

This Sunday will be the November medal with the usual ballot times,the club is also holding a race night to raise funds for new machinery, this will be held on the Saturday 19th November, at 8 pm. Posters will be up around the town with information.

6th November 2016

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League 

Week 2 :- On a cold but sunny day on the links only 3 pairs remain with 100% records after the second round of matches.  All 3 are in League A.  New pairing Ian Shaw and Robert Jardine lead the way after another convincing win, while Standaloft and Whitelaw and Livingstone and McArthur also have 2 wins from 2 matches.  In League B it is an altogether tighter affair with Shanks and Greer still unbeaten but were held to a half match with the also undefeated Webster and McPhail.  Captain John Black with partner Sam Jamieson are the only pair in League B not to register a win.  They along with League A’s Reid and Crichton, Ivory and Leitch and Whitelaw and McKirdy are making the early wooden spoon running.

Week 2 results League A

Livingstone/McArthur bt Fisher/McKirdy 1 up.

Marshall/ Dunn bt Reid/Crichton w/o.

Shaw/Jardine bt Thom/McIntyre 4 and 3 .

Standaloft/Whitelaw bt Ivory/Leitch 5 and 4 .

Week 2 results League B

Leitch/Leitch bt Turnbull/Maltman 4 and 2.

Shanks/Greer halved Webster/McPhail.

Dunn/Dunn bt Jamieson/ Black 3 and 2.

Stewart/Hinshelwood bt Dunn/Shaw 4 and 2

Coming up Sunday 13th November – November Medal.  Members are reminded that Saturday 19th November is Race Night with first race at 8pm.  All members and guests welcome

30th October 2916

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League 2016

Week One :- There is a healthy 16 teams competing in this years tournament. There was a winning start for defending champions Liam Shanks and David Greer with a hard fought 2 up win over Alan Stewart and Jim Hinshelwood, proving they will again be hard to beat.  There are four new members this winter Roddie, Ryan and Matthew Leitch along with John Whitelaw.  They all found the going tough with first day defeats but are sure to find their feet in the weeks to come.

Week 1 results  League A

Standaloft/ Whitelaw bt  Dunn/ Marshall 1 up,

Shaw/ Jardine bt  McKirdy/ Whitelaw 6&4,

Livingstone/ McArthur bt Reid/ Crichton 4&3,

Thom/ McIntyre bt  Ivory/  Leitch 6&4,

Week 1 results League B

Shanks/ Greer bt Stewart/ Hinshelwood 2 up,

Turnbull/ Maltman bt  Jamieson/ Black 1 up,

Webster/ McPhail bt  Leitch/ Leitch 2 up,

Lintermans/ Dunn bt  Dunn/ Dunn 2 up,

Week 2 Fixtures Sunday 6th November

8.30  Livingstone/McArthur  v  N McKirdy/J Whitelaw

8.40  Turnbull/Maltman  v  Leitch/Leitch

8.50  Dunn/Marshall  v  Reid/ Crichton

9.00  Shanks/Greer  v  Webster/McPhail

9.10  Shaw/Jardine  v  Thom/McIntyre

9.20  Jamieson/Black  v  Dunn/ Dunn

9.30  Whitelaw/Standaloft  v  Ivory/ Leitch

9.40  Stewart/Hinshelwood  v  Lintermans/Dunn

17 October 2016

Winner Robert MacArthur,with Liam Shanks and Iain Middleton
Winner Robert MacArthur,with Liam Shanks and Iain Middleton

Robert MacArthur was the winner of the three club challenge at a blustery Port Bannatyne golf club on Sunday. Ten brave souls took on the challenge with some fairing better than others.  Liam Shanks was second, one shot behind the leader. Iain Middleton took the special prize for the highest score.

This sunday is the first round of the Rothesay Motor Services winter league, times and pairings are in the clubhouse.

15th October 2016

Winter League Rules 2016

1.   £10 entry per pair. Money to be put in an envelope with players names and placed in the scorecard box.

2.    3 Points for a win, 2 for a half, 1 point if both players on tee (on time)

3.    90% difference in handicap, lowest player to scratch.

4.    Game times can be re-arranged for the day by agreement.

5.    If fixture dates are cancelled due to weather, then the next available date will be used.

6.    The quarter finals are due to be played on the 19th February, semi finals 5thMarch, finals day 26th March.

7.    Each player is allowed a sub twice within the qualifying stages. No subs are allowed in the quarter finals, semi, or final. No  pairing is allowed to have both players subbed in the same game.

17th September 2016
Claire Colquhoun won her first Scottish Golf Medal in the ladies September 18 hole competition.
Claire took up golf in March this year as part of the Scottish Golf “Get into Golf” initiative, she picked up the basic shots quickly and worked at her game in between the weekly sessions. During the medal competition Claire was highly competitive, her focus and concentration was brilliant and she was not phased by “tough rough” shot positions. She played us off the course – more power to her!

5th September 2016

Elaine Thom (Port Bannatyne GC) teamed up with Anna McComb (Bute GC) to play in the Clober Golf Club Ladies Open Greensome competition in Milngavie
Elaine Thom (Port Bannatyne GC) teamed up with Anna McComb (Bute GC) to play in the Clober Golf Club Ladies Open Greensome competition in Milngavie

The Ladies August medal had to be re-scheduled and was played on 3 September. A keen competition, only 3 strokes separated Ann Kennovin, the overall winner and Claire Colquhoun who was runner-up.

Elaine Thom (Port Bannatyne GC) teamed up with Anna McComb (Bute GC) to play in the Clober Golf Club Ladies Open Greensome competition in Milngavie, on Monday 5 September. The combined “Isle of Bute” team cleared the prize table during a very successful day out. Elaine took nearest the pin at the 5th and her drive onto the 12th green followed by Anna’s perfect putt, won the duo the “magic two” prize. Luck was in with a nice raffle prize each and the day was topped off with photos as they lifted the trophy in an “absolutely fabulous” day out!

14th July 2016

Gleddoch Roth_Bute_PortB

On the Golf Course – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

A glamorous gaggle of gals from Gleddoch, Bute, Rothesay and Port Bannatyne represented their clubs in a fun golf competition held at Port Bannatyne Golf Club on Sunday 14 August.  “Fan-dabi-dozi”, “Am I bovvered?”, “Lovely jubbly” and “Stupid boy” were some of the catchphrases which teed off the day in a “find your partner” ice-breaker.  Following a “bubbly” welcome from Port Bannatyne Captain Ann Kennovin, Janey served a lovely lunch in the clubhouse. This set the ladies up for a stableford competition with hidden holes, mother ball and nearest the pin prizes.  Despite days of rain, the course was in great condition (thanks John) and everyone enjoyed the warm dry weather as they chatted and plotted their way around.  This sociable day finished in the Port Inn with a nice meal and everyone left with a prize for participating.  Competition Prizes: Nearest The Pin – Roisin Black (Gleddoch) and Claire Colquhoun (Port Bannatyne), Hidden Hole – Christine Morrison (Gleddoch) and Anita Rutherford (Port Bannatyne), Winning Teams – 1st Margaret Adams (Gleddoch) and  Claire Colquhoun (Port Bannatyne), 2nd Liz Archibald (Bute) and Roisin Black (Gleddoch) and 3rd Helen McLeod (Rothesay) and Jackie Gray (Gleddoch).  Jackie Gray, the Captain of Gleddoch, thanked everyone for a lovely day.


The 9 hole Stableford competitions played during May had Anita Rutherford and Ann Kennovin as clear winners.

Despite 5 “best in competition” holes and a birdie at the 12th, Claire Colquhoun had to settle for second place to Elaine Thom at the Scottish Golf June 18 hole Medal.

The 2016 Ladies Championship semi-finals were played in July in torrential rain with Elaine and Anita going through to the final.  The Championship final was also completed in poor weather conditions on 16 July, but blustery winds did not affect overall scoring too much and the leader changed frequently over the first 12 holes.  Unfortunately, a ball in the ditch at the 13th changed Anita’s solid scoring performance and the contest finished at the 15th hole with Elaine winning 4 and 3.

Friday night coaching sessions continue through the summer for our new members and Get-into-Golf participants.

2016Ladies Champ

Anita Rutherford runner up and Elaine Thom

Port Bannatyne Golf Club Ladies Champion 2016

31st July 2016

Jimmy Whitelaw Trophy

It was a busy day on Sunday at Port Bannatyne Golf Club, with over 30 golfers competing for the Jimmy Whitelaw Trophy. It was good the see both the course and clubhouse busy, the course is in superb order, and with the sun shining for most of the day, the best morning score went to David Whitelaw with a 41 but there were a few hot on his heels ,the best afternoon score went to Jim Hinshelwood with a 42 , young David however had a decent second round as well and his consistency on the greens was enough to see him a very worthy winner. Thanks must go to Hector & Maggie Whitelaw and their family for their very  generous sponsorship, also for making sure everyone was well fed and watered.

Friday 22nd July 2016

Chisholm 2016

The Saltire Meets The Maple Leaf

The Ken Chisholm Memorial Trophy, played on Friday 22 July, was the last Port Bannatyne Golf Club mixed fixture of the season.

Ken Chisholm was a very popular, long-time member of Port Bannatyne Golf Club.  His many friends remember “The Great White Prawn” as a fantastic character who enjoyed every moment he spent in his Scottish home each year.   Recognising his love of golf and his close friends at The Port, Ken’s family in Canada sponsor this match each year in his memory.  The club’s sincere appreciation goes to Harry Slaven for his tremendous work organising the prizes on behalf of Ken’s family in Canada.

The Texas Scramble golf format, consisting of two gents and a lady, is always fun, and it was keenly contested by 8 teams this year.  Thanks go to Graham Fisher for organising the teams and Jim Bicker for sorting handicaps and counting scores.

On mixed nights the 19th hole is always busy and noisy and players welcomed the tasty buffet (prepared by Angie Black) along with liquid refreshments as they recounted shots fairway, bunker, green and rough!  The photograph shows the worthy winning team of John Black, Jim Bicker, with Angie Black presenting the Quaich to guest player from Bute Golf Club, Polly Galita.  Polly offered a heartfelt vote of thanks on behalf of her team, saying that although she had not known Ken, the trophy, with its Scottish and Canadian flag emblems, had a special connection for her as Canada was her birthplace.   She thanked Club Captain John Black and Port Bannatyne Golf Club for a very sociable and enjoyable evening saying the trophy would have pride of place in her Bute home.

(Photo courtesy of Holly Black)

Liam Shanks & Donald Standaloft

11th July 2016

The club championship qualifiers took place over Port Bannatyne golf course at the weekend with some good bad and downright ugly scoring over the two days.Saturdays best off the day was a scratch 70 from liam shanks who’s relentless practice is paying dividends,hot on his heels was Graham Fisher with a fine 71 Graham getting back some form after a slump ,maybe the added pressure of being match sec is showing its strain ,there were two 2,s on Saturday big jay Jardine ,and Graham Fisher,Sundays weather made it a slow start to the day with a lot of people keeping an eye for the weather window, Matty Dunn and granpa Hector spending more time in the clubhouse looking out the window at rain than they did playing golf although they did eventually brave the elements and got soaked like the rest of us ,plumbers must like the wet conditions because it was Donald Standaloft who produced the best scoring on Sunday with a brilliant -1 under par ,another great score came from Robert D, Jardine with a scratch 73 giving him a net 60 and also a cut in his handicap by 2 shots well done Robert ,only two on sunday was Liam Shanks , knockout stages start on Tuesday night at 6pm game 1, Donald Standaloft v Robert D Jardine, 6.10pm game 2 ,Iain McFarlane v Matthew Dunn,6.20pm game 3 Liam Shanks v Jim Thom, game 4 6.30 pm Graham Fisher v Jamie Jardine , the draw for the Arthur Slack is as follows,game 1,6.40pm Alan Stewart v James Webster game 2, 6.50 pm Hector Whitelaw v John Black, game 3,  7pm Calum MacPhail v Robert McArthur ,game 4 7.10 pm, Davie Greer v Sam Jamieson.

July 2016

Turnbull & Hogarth 1992

Past-Captain John Hogarth

The Club was much saddened to hear of the death on 5th July of John Hogarth.

John was Club Captain in 1981 and again in 1989.  His natural dynamism, ebullience and enthusiasm made him a most popular leader at a time of rapid development at the Port, with a claim to be among the most successful Captains in the Club’s history. His sense of fun also saw him well able to lead in any 19th hole celebrations.
He was responsible for the planting out of the trees at the third hole to make it play as a proper dog-leg, with his name being forever enshrined when the holes were renamed, with the 3rd becoming “Hogie’s Wood”.

On the playing front he seemed destined to become club champion in 1992, when a birdie blitz towards the end of the morning round saw him go into lunch with a comfortable five hole lead over good friend Robert Turnbull. Another birdie at the 3rd hole of the afternoon round saw him extend his lead to 6 up with 15 to play. But if the morning inward  half was significant for John, then the pendulum swung dramatically in the afternoon. Still four up at the turn, nerves seemed to get the better of John and his game went to pieces. Little better than par golf saw Robert one up after 16 and a superb chip into the cup at the 17th saw him the victor by 2 & 1, with his name on the championship trophy for the first time.

Subsequent ill-health and the prospect of steep climbs on the course, meant that John was eventually restricted to family golf, depriving the Port of not only a steely competitor and good companion,  but of one of its most able administrators.

The condolences of the Club go out to wife Donella and family John, Stewart and Marjorie.


Photo: 1992 finalist Robert Turnbull & John Hogarth

23rd June 2016

Hector Scott Quaich  & Lavender Trophy

Well big Alan the gas man is the man to beat at the port right now two nett 62,s in two days saw him lift the Hector Scott Quaich on Sat. then the Lavender Trophy on Sunday , the match sec gave him a nice chop in handicap as well , well done Alan all the practice is paying off , this weekend is pretty quite with the salmon leap on Fri night and June medal on Sunday , the FOC. team are away to Milport on Saturday , members are reminded that knockout sheets are up so lets try and get the ties played before the play by dates or the match sec will have the D.Q. pen out.

29th May 2016

29th May 2016

Well what a cracking day for the Cowal Builders and Plumbing Supplies Seniors Open today at Port Bannatyne. David Cameron lifting the trophy with a fantastic gross 66 giving him an amazing nett 57 surely Calas handicap must get a review.
1st     David Cameron
2nd   Willie Glen
3rd    Jim Thom
60+ category
1st     Tommy Wilkinson
2nd   Davie Bodys
3rd    Tommy Duncan
Scratch prize    George Reynolds
Thanks to Ronnie for doing the prizes and of course to Cowal Builders for their generosity it is very much appreciated.