27th December 2017

Winter Trophy : Round 2

Sunday December 31st winter trophy rnd 2 usual ballot times.   

Captain v Vice Captain

The capt v vice capt match will take place on the 2nd of January gather at clubhouse 9.30 for a 10am shotgun start. (Drinks are on the captain)

19th December 2017

Winter Trophy

This coming Sunday 24th Dec
Winter trophy round 1 along with the December medal , usual ballot times.


12th December 2017

Rothesay Motor Services  Winter League Week 5 & December Medal

This Sunday December 17th will be the December medal weather permitting .
Winter league 5 will be rescheduled next year.


4th December 2017

Rothesay Motor Services  Winter League Week 4

Early pace setters in leagues A&B suffer defeats in week 4.
Ivory &Webster where dealt a blow on Sunday with a defeat to Mathew Dunn, playing himself due to his brothers absence, a fine 1up win for Mathew .

In league B leaders Jamieson & Black tasted their first defeat, In the captains absence Sam had to play alone and succumbed to a 5&4 defeat to Whitelaw & McKirdy leaving this league wide open .

Rothesay motor services winter league 
Week 4 results-
Dunn/Dunn bt Ivory/Webster 1up
Whitelaw/Mckirdy bt Jamieson/Black 5&4
Standaloft/Whitelaw bt R&R Leitch 3&2
Fisher/Preston bt Shaw/Jardine 1 up
Crichton/Ried bt M&J Leitch 6&5
Jardine/Renfrew bt Shanks/Greer 4&2
Marshall/Dunn bt Turnbull/Stewart w/o
Mcintyre/Thom halved MacPhail/Barrnett

Week 5 fixtures -
8.30 Webster/Ivory v Crichton/Manvell
8.40 Bicker/Jardine vJamieson/Black
8.50 Dunn/Dunn v Dunn/Lintermans 
9am Whitelaw/Mckirdy vMcArthur/Livingstone
9.10 Standaloft/Whitelaw v Turnbull/Stewart
9.20 Shaw/Jardine v MacPhail/Barnett
9.30 M&J Leitch v R&R Leitch
9.40 Shanks/Greer v Fisher/McFarlane
9.50 Dunn/Marshall v Thom/McIntyre

27th November 2017

Rothesay Motor ServicesWinter League Week 3

League A. -                   Pld.     Pts.         +/-
1 Webster/Ivory.             3.         9.           +12
2 Crichton/Manvell        3.         7.            +3
3 Stand/Whitelaw          2.         6.           +10
4 Dunn/Dunn.                 2.        6.           +7
5 J&M Leitch                  3.        5.            -3
6 Dunn/Lintermans        3.        5.            -7
7 R&R Leitch.                  2.        4.            +1
8 Marshall/Dunn.            3.        3.           -14
9 Turnbull/Stewart.        3.        2.           -9

League B-                       Pld.      Pts.         +/-
1 Jamieson/Black            3.         8.           +9
2 Livingstone/McArthur. 3.        7.            +5
3 Shanks/Greer               3.         6.           +2
4 Thom/McIntyre.           3.         6.           +2
5 MacPhail/Barnett.        3.         6.            0
6 Bicker/Jardine.             3.         5.           -5
7 Whitelaw/Mckirdy.       2.         4.            0
8 Shaw/Jardine.              2.         2.           -5
9 Fisher/McFarlane.        2.        2.           -8

27th November 2017

Rothesay Motor ServicesWinter League Week 3 Results

Leitch/Leitch bt Dunn/Marshall 6&5
Thom/Mcintyre bt Fisher/Mcfarlane 4&3
Webster/Ivory bt Leitch/Leitch 1up
Jamieson/Black bt Shanks/Greer W/o
Dunn/Dunn bt Stewart/Turnbull 3&2
Whitelaw/Mckirdy bt McPhail/Barnett 3&2
Crichton/Manvell bt Lintermans/Dunn 3&2
Livingstone/McArthur bt Bicker/Jardine 5&3

Week 4 fixtures- Dec 3rd

8.30 Webster/Ivory v Dunn/Dunn
8.40 Jamieson/Black v Whitelaw/Mckirdy
8.50 R Leitch/Leitch vStandaloft/Whitelaw 
9am Fisher/Mcfarlane v Shaw/Jardine
9.10 Crichton/Manvell v M Leitch/Leitch
9.20 Bicker/Jardine v Shanks/Greer
9.30 Dunn/Marshall vStewart/Turnbull
9.40 Thom/McIntyre v MacPhail/Barnett
9.50 Dunn/Lintermans v McArthur/Livingstone 

20th November 2017

Rothesay motor services winter league 
Weeks 2 results-

Dunn/Lintermans bt Turbull/Stewart 2&1
Livingstone/McArthur-Barrnett/ Mcphail -half
Standaloft/Whitelaw bt Leitch/Leitch 4&3
Shanks/Greer bt Shaw/Jardine  w/o
Webster/Ivory bt Marshall/Dunn 6&5
Jamieson/Black- Thom/Mcintyre - half
Dunn/Dunn bt Crichton/Manvell 4&2
Bicker/Jardine bt Whitelaw/McKirdy 3&1

Coming up 
Sunday 26th Nov 
Rothesay motor services week 3
8.30 R Leitch/Leitch v Dunn/Marshall
8.40 Fisher/Mcfarlane v Mcintyre/Thom
8.50 Leitch/Leitch vWebster/Ivory
9.00 Shanks/Greer v Jamieson/Black
9.10 Dunn/Dunn vStewart/Turnbull 
9.20 Whitelaw/Mckirdy v McPhail/Barrnett
9.30 Crichton/Manvell v Dunn/Lintermans 
9.40 Bicker/Jardine v Livingstone/McArthur
9.50 Standaloft/Whitelaw vShaw/Jardine

Players are asked to note slight amendment to fixtures .


13th November 2017

Medal results -
October medal  winners
1st class- Robert Turnbull -70
2nd class- James Webster- 65
Scratch - Donald Standaloft -74
Autumn handicap winner- J.Webster

November medal winners
1st class-Matthew Dunn-65
2nd class - Gordon McIntyre -68
Scratch -Donald Standaloft -68

Coming up this Sunday 

Rothesay motor services winter league 

Week 2 fixtures-

8.30-Stewart/Turbull v Dunn/Lintermans 
8.40-McPhail/Barrnett v Livingstone/McArthur
8.50-M&J Leitch v Standaloft/Whitelaw 
9am-Shanks/Greer vShaw/Jardine 
9.10-Dunn/Marshall vWebster/Ivory
9.20- Mcintyre/Thom vJamieson/Black
9.30-Crichton/Manvell vDunn/Dun
9.40-Bicker/Jardine vWhitelaw/McKirdy
9.50-R&RLeitch vFisher/McFarlane

Players please note that the same substitute
may be used on more than one occasion throughout qualifying rounds.

6th November 2017

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League 

Sunday saw the first round of matches of this years tournament played in beautiful sunshine , with two leagues of 9 teams, and only 4 to qualify competition will be fierce to reach the knock out stages.
Best starts in league A were Donald Standaloft & Hector Whitelaw with a 6&5 win .Also Mike Ivory & James Webster winning 5&4.
Best starters in league B were Sam Jamieson &John Black with a 4&2 win and defending champions Liam Shanks & Davie Greer started there defence with a 2&1 win .

League A
Renfrew/Leitch bt Marshall/Dunn 2&1
Webster/Ivory bt Leitch/Leitch 5&4
Crichton /Manvell bt Turnbull /Stewart 4&3
Standaloft/Whitelaw bt Dunn/Lintermans 6&5

League B
Shanks/Greer bt Thom/Mcintyre 2&1
Jamieson/Black bt Fisher/MacLeod 4&2
McPhail/Barnett bt Bicker/Jardine 3&1
Shaw/Pedder halved Livingstone/McArthur

Friendly - 
Whitelaw/Mckirdy bt Dunn/Dunn 1up

This Sunday sees the November medal
usual ballot times.

4th November 2017

Congratulation to Robert Mc Arthur

Robert McArthur took the first step towards trying to restore a junior section at Port Bannatyne Golf club by passing the Child Protection in Sport course.  Congratulations Robert!


31st October 2017

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League

Round 1 fixtures Sunday November 5th

8.30 J Dunn/J. Marshall v M. Leitch/J. Leitch
8.40 J. Thom/G Mcintyre v L.shanks/D Greer 
8.50 J. Webster/M Ivory v R.leitch/R.leitch
9.00  Mcfarlane/fisher v Jamieson /Black
9.10 Stewart/Turnbull v Crichton /Manvell
9.20 McPhail/Barnett v Bicker/ Jardine
9.30 Dunn/Lintermans v Standaloft/Whitelaw
9.40 McArthur/Livingstone vJardine/Shaw
9.50 Dunn/Dunn v Whitelaw/ McKirdy

31st October 2017

Saturday night saw an interactive quiz night held in the clubhouse , hosted by former member Dougy Lyle , 50 members and guests  enjoyed a great fun evening which was enjoyed by all Thanks go to all who attended , and those who helped out on the night to make it a success.
 With  in the region of £1000.00 raised on the night the club owes a huge thank you to Dougy for giving his time in support of the club.




26th October 2017

Autumn Handicap and October Medal

This coming Sunday at the port , will be the October medal played alongside the Autumn handicap , usual ballot times.
Winter rules are now in play.

Watch out for winter league fixtures in clubhouse.

9th October 2017

Hi All,

We need a minimum of 40 people at the quiz, can you please let Donald know if you intend coming.


3rd October 2017

Last weeks October medal was postponed due to the poor weather and will be replayed On Sunday October 15 th.
This coming Sunday is the captains day
This takes the format of an 18 hole full handicap stableford  with ballots from 8.30 till 1.30 pm.
All welcome .
Winter league sheet is up and one or two ties need to be wrapped up hopefully this month guys !!

25th September 2017

The Greenkeeper's Quaich

Sunday at Port Bannatyne saw the years final major The Greenkeepers Quaich. 
With just a light drizzle and little wind conditions were good for the golfers.
In the lead early with a score of 66 was Graham Fisher followed soon after by Sam Jamieson and Donald Standaloft on the same score.  In the final pairing Jim Thom double bogied the last to also shoot 66. When the computer finally sorted out the details Sam took the honours on count back beating Graham  and Jim into second and third respectively . With a large array of prizes not many went home empty handed.
Thanks again go to John Marshall for his hard work all year as well as putting things together for Sunday's event.

1st Sam Jamieson
2nd Graham Fisher
3rd Jim Thom 
4th Davie Greer
5th Robert Turnbull
Scratch Donald Standaloft 

Medal finals result
1st class Jim Thom
2nd class Sam Jamieson
Scr. Donald standaloft 

This coming weekend Sunday sees the October medal with the autumn handicap 
Usual ballot times

21st September 2017

19th September 2017

Sundays September medal results

Scratch      - Liam shanks
1st class     -D Greer
2nd class   -C Renfrew

Members are reminded to try and get ties played asap. 

This coming weekend-

Sunday sees the medal finals run in conjunction with the green keepers quaich a very popular date on the calendar and last chance to bag a major!!
Please support your green keepers day as thanks for all his  hard work throughout this season.
Ballots from 8.30-12.30 

Prizegiving at 4.30 approx


Qualifiers for medal finals as follows-


D Standaloft.      G. Fisher.        A Greer
L.Shanks.            G . Dunn.        C Mac Phail
D.Greer.               J .Livingstone. J.Webster
M.Dunn.              S. Jamieson.    A.Stewart
R McAtrhur.         Rod Leitch.     C Renfrew
J. Thom.


11th September 2017

Millport Away Day 2017

Mike Ivory has posted these photographs from Friday's trip.

10th September 2017

7th September 2017

Following on from the return of the Foster Trophy, do any members or non -members have any golf club memorabilia that they would like to return to the club's archive?



7th September 2017

Coming up this weekend 

Friday 8th September is the clubs annual outing this year to Millport golf club.

Saturday the 9th

Howat's housekeeping mixed open

This sees teams of two men and a lady play in a scramble format over 18 holes, with lots of prizes to be won and a fun format please show your support.
Ballots running from 9am till 1.30 pm
Prizegiving 5.30 approx 
Contact match sec on 07747013141 if you wish to enter a team.

Sunday 10th
Extra medal 
Usual ballot times


28th August 2017

Alex Gibson presenting Donald Standaloft with the winners trophy

28th August 2017


Ettrick bay summer cup final night took place last Wednesday , overall winner was Donald Standaloft .
Runner up was Robert McArthur , a big thank you goes to Alec at Ettrick bay tearoom for his continued support of this event.

Saturdays extra medal was won by Liam shanks by virtue of count back from Matthew Dunn both players scoring nett 64.

Sunday saw the Rover cup run alongside the August medal, winner on the day was Donald Standaloft , completing a successful week with a nett 63 for a two shot victory over Jim Thom and his 65.
August medal- 
Scratch . D.Standaloft 65-63
1st class J. Thom 76-65
2nd class S. Jamieson 81-68

Coming up 
This Saturday 2nd  September the Macleod homes Port Open with over £400 worth of vouchers up for grabs , tee times available from 8am-4pm

26th August 2017

I.L.MacLeod on the Foster Trophy

The Foster Trophy is dealt with on p.16 of "But not a Grouse in Sight".
It was obviously used as the ladies championship trophy from its presentation in 1914.
The book wrongly states that it was last presented in 1938, when the winner was Miss Jessie McMillan. The inscriptions clearly show, however, that it was played for in the post-war years, with
the last winner being Miss Cathie McPhail in 1954. Several of the winners appear in the photo on p.20.
I had the pleasure of playing with Cathie McPhail while still a schoolboy. She was a much sought-after partner for mixed events & widely regarded
as being well able to compete against the men.


1914 Port Bannatyne Foster Trophy

23rd August 2017

Donald Standaloft has been given this Trophy, what a find. Does anyone know of its history and competition format.

Given to Donald Standaloft, it was found in an old cupboard


22nd August 2017

This coming weekend at Port Bannatyne golf club

Friday Night, 25th August: Past Captains Claret Jug

Ballot 5.30 to 6.00 pm, 12 holes

Saturday 26th August:          Extra  Medal

Sunday 27th August:             August Medal / Rover Cup

Get into Golf 2017

22nd August 2017

Another Get into Golf Group ready for taking on the Port Bannatyne course thanks to Coach Elaine Thom

Back row: Zoey Whitelaw, Janet McAllister and Sheena Ferguson.
Front row: Olivia Whitelaw and Jessica McAllister wearing and displaying their Aberdeen Asset Management European Tour kit from the recent Ladies Scottish Open Dundonald.


Golf is a great game for all the family.

Golf is a game for all - whatever your age, background or ability. As well as having fun in the fresh air, golf can help keep you active and healthy. 

The Adult Get into Golf sessions have been running at Port Bannatyne Golf Club for 3 years and this year, incorporating families into the adult summer sessions, has been a successful new development.

Janet McAllister came along at the beginning of the summer to “get back into golf”.  Janet was keen to introduce her daughter Jessica to golf to have a sport they could play together. “We so look forward to our Friday night coaching sessions.  Jessica loves the fun competitions and I really enjoy seeing how quickly she has been able to pick up the clubs and hit the ball well.”

Port Bannatyne Golf Club encourages “Get into Golf” players to use the course to practice what they are learning and Zoey Whitelaw has definitely been hooked by golf this summer.  Zoey quickly picked up the basic skills of the game, and after a couple of weeks, introduced her niece Olivia to Friday night coaching. They have been practicing together on the course and impressing other golf playing members of the family with their shots.  “The heavy rain kept me off the course for a couple of nights and I think I have withdrawal symptoms! Olivia has really enjoyed it, she is such a natural and we definitely want to keep playing.”

Sheena Ferguson managed to fit in learning to play golf with her busy work schedule. “I had been thinking about trying golf for a while and was determined to make it to the Come and Try session at the beginning of the summer.  I’d been working and rushed to get there and I’m glad I did.  It’s a game of highs and lows, but it’s been great fun with a great group and we are going to stick at it together.”

Volunteer Level 1 coach Elaine Thom said, “Learning on the course within a club setting means that players can pick up more than just the basic skills of the game, we also work on course management, rules and etiquette to ensure people are confident and safe out on the course.  Playing in the club mixed competitions with other club members allows adults in the group to get fully involved in the social side of the club too.  The unique handicapping system in golf and the success of the Club and Fun Friday night competitions have shown how different ages and abilities can play together socially and competitively.  It’s been a super group to coach.  They’ve worked hard, picked up the skills quickly and been enthusiastic and full of fun!”

It’s easy to get started.
Port Bannatyne Golf Club is offering Adult Come and Try Sessions throughout September - Friday nights 6.00pm – 7.30pm.  All equipment is provided, just wear comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes or trainers.

17th August 2017

Howart's House Keeping Mixed Event

Please note this Sunday's Mixed Event is to be re-scheduled to a later date to be advised.

Rover Cup will now be played Sunday 20th August.

17th August 2017

Ettrick Bay Tearooms Summer Cup

Due to yesterdays torrential downpour the Summer Cup Finals shootout will be held next Wednesday night 23rd August.


16th August 2017

Ken Chisholm Memorial Quaich

The Chisholm Memorial Scramble Mixed Night winners....

1st     E.Thom, H.Whitelaw & T.Wilkinson

2nd   A.Rutherford, M.Ivory & D.Standaloft

3rd   C.McKirdy, I.L.MacLeod & R.Jardine

A big thanks to Ann Chisholme and family in Canada for her continued sponsorship and to Mr and Mrs Slaven for organising the prizes and providing an excellent supper.


14th August 2017

7th August 2017

Milport Outing

There is a sheet up for a golf outing to Millport. If we can get 24 golfers the cost will be £40 each. The price includes the two ferries, mini bus hire, rolls and coffee on arrival and high tea.


3rd August 2017

Seniors Outing 2017, Skelmorlie

9 Seniors took part in the seniors away day at Skelmorlie. Hector Whitelaw claimed the Hebditch Trophy with a score of 38, four points ahead of Robert Turnbull, who was on his first seniors outing. I.L. MacLeod and M. Ivory tied for third with a score of 33.

Thanks go to Tommy Wilkinson the seniors convener for arranging the trip and to I.L. MacLeod for the photograph.



1st August 2017

                                          Jimmy Whitelaw Memorial Trophy 2017

Once again, the Whitelaw clan descended upon Port Bannatyne Golf club for the playing of the 2017 “Jimmy Whitelaw Memorial Trophy”, where they were joined by friends and members on a Sunday morning which started out well; however as the wind got up the rain arrived  the early starters had the best of the weather for the first round but everyone saw some rain at some point. The morning round belonged to Graham Fisher who shot a net 40 for his first 12 holes pipping David Greer by a shot and John Marshall, Francoise Lintermans and Liam shanks by a further shot.

The afternoon round started wet but players soon found themselves in sunshine and the scores showed this Jamie Jardine matched Graham’s net 40 and Calum MacPhail’s net 43 were the best of the afternoon round

Jim Thom conducted matters in the absence of the captain and thanked everyone who helped on the day but most especially Jimmy and Hector as well as all  of the Whitelaw family for the continued support of the club and the sponsorship of this  24hole tournament.

With the list of prizes huge as usual and presented by the gorgeous Zoe the list of winner were

Overall sweep 1st Graham. Fisher 83 2nd David. Greer 85 & 3rd Liam.  Shanks 86

Two,s at the 10th David Greer in the morning

Two’s at the 10th Jamie Jardine and Calum Mac Phail  and at 18th  I.L. Mc Leod

Longest Drive  at the 2nd D. Greer

Nearest The pin at the 4th Hector Whitelaw jnr

                                        10th Jamie Jardine

                                        18th John Marshall

Nearest the pin in 2 at the 1st Mathew Dunn

                                                3rd Sam Jameson

                                                5th Colin Renfrew

Scratch Winner Liam Shanks  92

3rd place Jamie Jardine             88

2nd Place David Greer               85

1st place Graham Fisher           83


The Consolation prize or the Booby by another name was won by Grahams son Craig making them bookends at either end of the field.

Graham thanked the Whitelaw family for the continued sponsorship and his pleasure at finally winning this trophy, but regretted having not known Jimmy. He then thanked all involved in turning out the course in such fine condition again, as well as those in the clubhouse feeding and watering all.


24th July 2017

Bute Motor Company, winners

52 golfers took part in the Bute motor co 4 man scramble on Sunday over port bannatyne golf coarse,
Winners on the day with an amazing score of nett 46 was Iain Mc farlane , Ali shaw , graham and Greig fisher.
Runners up were team Shanks- Liam, Davie Greer , Alan Stewart & Sam Jamieson .
Leavening last weeks winners the Leitch family in 3rd.
Well done to all that took part and a big thank you to Roddie Shaw and family for there sponsorship and continued support of the club.

This weekend
Sunday sees the popular Jimmy whitelaw trophy played over 2 rounds of 12 holes.
Am rounds run from 8.30 -11 am .

17th July 2017

17th July 2017

Club championship Quarter final results

L.shanks bt J Thom 7&6
D. Greer bt I Shaw    1up
M. Dunn bt D. Standaloft 19th
J. Livingstone bt J. Jardine 5&4

Semi finals 

J.Livingstone bt M Dunn  5&4
L. Shanks bt D.Greer 19th

Arthur Slack championship

Quarter final results

R McArthur. Bye
R. Leitch bt M Ivory 7&6
C. Mac Phail bt M Leitch 3&2
J.Black bt F Lintermans  3&2

Semi finals 

R McArthur bt C mac Phail  7&6
J. Black bt R Leitch 5&4

With the terrible weather forecast on Saturday the decision was taken to postpone both finals till this coming Saturday .


17th July 2017


With much improved weather 27 pairs to to the links to battle it out for the coveted trophy along with lots of other prizes.
In breezy but fine conditions there was some good scoring,
Alan Stewart and Francois Lintermans were looking good with nett 62 but along came Roddie &Ryan Leitch with a 61 but even this was beaten by Roddie's sons Jordan and Matthew with 59 nett , a fantastic score and worthy winners.
Well done boys and all who took part.
Thanks go to Donald & Michelle Standaloft for their continued sponsorship of the event.

1st M& J Leitch
2nd R&R Leitch
3rd A Stewart & F Lintermans
4th J Livingstone & A Smith Jnr
5th R Turnbull & J Duncan
6th J Thom & P Barnett
Scr L Shanks & D Greer
Booby S Dunn &D Kilpatrick

Nearest pin -4 J Jardine
Nearest pin -10 C Renfrew
Nearest pin-18. C Shanks
Nearest pin-1 Livingstone & Smith
Nearest pin-3 Shanks &Greer
Longest drive - Tam McCready

Coming up this weekend
Saturday - matchplay finals
Sunday - Bute Motor Co open


14th July 2017

Championship Final

Due to an adverse weather forecast the Championship Final is postponed to next Saturday 22nd July



29th June 2017

Upcoming Events

Toxic Tea Party, Friday July 7th 

A great mixed night with fun golf, beginners lessons a couple of cocktails and food all for a tenner everyone welcome.


29th June 2017

Millennium Rosebowl

The eighteenth competition for the Millennium Rosebowl, donated by Andrew McKirdy, was played at Port Bannatyne on a very blustery Saturday afternoon. Despite gusting winds and showers of rain, which none of the ladies relished, Ann Kennovin from Port Bannatyne Golf Club, won straightest drive prize at the 5th hole. In third position, achieving the lowest gross score of the competition was Phyllis McKirdy from Rothesay Golf Club. Jean Lyon from Bute Golf Club took the runner-up prize with consistent straight hitting, despite the conditions. Winner Elaine Thom from Port Bannatyne felt local knowledge on such a windy day had been an advantage and hosting and having a prize-winner from each of the ladies' sections was a great outcome. Ellen Eccles complimented the condition of the Port Bannatyne course, praised Janey and Ann for a lovely buffet supper and said Bute were looking forward to hosting in 2018.


Millennium Trophy Roses

Elaine Thom,Phyllis McKirdy, Ann Kennovin & Jean Lyon

26th June 2017

Firth of Clyde Golf League

Firth of Clyde golf league has been running for over 40 years, this year the league has a new format with 5 of the original 8 clubs taking part, Port Bannatyne, Rothesay, Gourock, Cowal and Millport. This years first match was held at Port Bannatyne golf club on Sunday 25th June in very windy and testing conditions. The course was presented in very good condition along with first class catering. The FOC league would like to thank Port Bannatyne golf club for the use of their course. The new format has managed to attract local sponsors for each home fixture, with Macs Bar, Rothesay sponsoring the home fixture at Port Bannatyne, thank you to George and Katie Ross for their kind support. Cowal golf club were the biggest winners of the day with an impressive 3 wins and 1 half closely followed by Port Bannatyne golf club with 2 wins and 1 half. Nearest the pin winners were James Dainty (Cowal) 4th hole, Robert Turnbull (Port Bannatyne) 10th hole and George Reynolds (Rothesay) 18th hole. The prize for biggest win on the day went to Donald Standaloft and Alastair Shaw (Port Bannatyne) 5&4 against Gourock GC.
The next round of matches will be played over Rothesay GC on Sunday 13th August.


26th June 2017

A change to the fixtures sees the Port Open to be moved back to later in the season, watch notice board and website for updated fixtures.
This coming Saturday sees the Hector linden Qualifier.

Sunday will be the July medal
Usual ballot times.

Ettrick bay summer cup continues on Wednesday nights.

Entry sheets on notice board for Rothesay motors 4 man scramble on July 23rd.
Standaloft greensomes on 16th July.


20th June 2017

The Mc Fadyen trophy

Friday night at the Port saw the seasons first mixed night , The Mc Fadyen trophy
7 teams of 3 competing for the trophy and an array of other prizes, winners on the night
Calum Mcphail , Claire Colhoun and Robert McArthur . Many thanks to all who took part and especially the Paterson& McFadyen families for their continued support .

June medal

Scratch - M.dunn
1st class- J. Thom
2nd class - C.McPhail

   The lavender trophy

Winner -H.whitelaw Snr
R/up - A.Stewart

This coming weekend
Saturday 24th ladies Millennium
Sunday 25th FOC league matches


The Kilpatrick Family from the"Bike Shed"presenting Ian Shaw with the Grouse Open Trophy

12th June 2017

Grouse Open

The Grouse Open returned to Port Bannatyne Golf Club on Sunday thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Bike Shed and a healthy field took to the links to play two rounds over 12 holes in showery & windy conditions .
In the morning round scoring was good with a dozen players within a few shots , but leading was Iain Mcfarlane and Robert McArthur on 41.
But with heavy rain showers making conditions tougher in the afternoon round , some of the front runners fell away leaving Ian Shaw to take the trophy and £50 voucher. His solid nett 41 to add to his 43 from the morning was good enough to pip Robert McArthur by two shots.

Handicap 1st- Ian Shaw
2nd -Robert McArthur
3rd- Jim Thom

Scratch 1st-Donald Standaloft
2nd- Graham Dunn
3rd- Robert Turnbull

Best Am- Robert McArthur
Best Pm - Robert Turbull

Nearest pin 18&3 Hector Whitelaw
Longest drive -Alister Shaw
Nearest pin 10- Iain McFarlane

The club would again like the thank David & Mary Jane from the Bike Shed for great sponsorship and an excellent day.

This coming weekend sees the first mixed night of the year with the MacFadyen trophy taking place Friday night with 6.15 shotgun start.
Saturday sees the June medal .
Sunday the Lavender trophy is up for grabs.
Usual ballot times.


5th June 2017

4th June 2017

The Grouse Open

The grouse open is being brought back to life with sponsorship from David at the bike shed. This will be played over 2 rounds of 12 holes on Sunday June 11th.
Along with whisky for the winners,
Handicap and scratch categories with vouchers for 1-2-3 in each
Am/pm prizes along with nearest pins etc
Morning ballots will be open from 8.30-11am

Members please show your support and spread the word.


4th June 2017

Hector linden trophy qualifier

Coming up at the port this Saturday the Hector linden trophy qualifier.
Sunday sees the Grouse open sponsored by the bike shed this will be 2 rounds of 12 holes.
Prizes for handicap and scratch
First round ballot times between 8.30&11am.

Also sheet is up for first mixed night of the season - Friday 16th The McFadyen Memorial scramble
Please get your names down.


3rd June 2017

Ladies Golf - Millennium Trophy 2017


The Millennium Trophy Competition 2017 will be held at Port Bannatyne Golf Club on Saturday 24 June.  To make sure no-one misses out on the 3 ladies sections getting together, players who do not want to play the 18 hole competition for the lovely Millennium Trophy, can play a fun competition choosing the number of holes they want to complete.  

Enter you name and preferred tee time on the sheet in your clubhouse before 10 June.


Elie Ladies Play Isle of Bute Courses in “Golf Bagging” Challenge

Lady Captain Ann Kennovin presented Port Bannatyne ball markers to a trio of Fife lady golfers on Saturday afternoon as they completed their whistle-stop, 3 course golf tour of the Isle of Bute.

The ladies from Elie Golf Club played Rothesay and Bute then crowned their Island rounds at Port Bannatyne, to allow Susie Robertson to add our special 3 courses to her super total of 316 courses played.  Supporting Susie’s “golf bagging” personal challenge to play all the courses in Scotland, were her golf friends Moira Aitken and Joan Ritchie.    The ladies took time to praise the warm welcome they received on the Island, the views and the condition of the courses, before heading off to play the Millport Ladies Open on Sunday.

Moira Aitken, Susie Robertson, Ann Kennovin & Joan Ritchie.






29th May 2017

Firth of Clyde Golf Trophy

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Blairmore and Strone Golf Club


Proposed Tee-Off Times


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3






Andrew Roger (B&S)

David Hunter (Cowal)



Gourock 1

Innellan 1

Billy Ferguson (B&S)


Graham Blair (Cowal)

Innellan 2

Gourock 2


Frank Glover (B&S)

Andrew Barton (Cowal)

Innellan 3


Gourock 3

Allister Wood (B&S)

Ross McEwan (Cowal)


Innellan 4

Gourock 4

Colin Cumming (B&S)


Fraser MacDonald (Cowal)

Innellan 5

Gourock 5


John Anderson (Skelmorlie)

Largs 1

Leighton Thomas (Bute)


John Brydon (Skelmorlie)

Largs 2

Andy Docherty (Bute)


Innes Anderson (Skelmorlie)

Largs 3

Robert McKirdy (Bute)


Ross McGinn (Skelmorlie)

Largs 4

Graham McArthur (Bute)


Jim Anderson (Skelmorlie)

Largs 5

Jim Thom (Bute)


Ian White (Rothesay)

Port Bannatyne 1

Millport 1


Stevie McDonald (Rothesay)

Port Bannatyne 2

Millport 2


Calum McKirdy Rothesay)

Port Bannatyne 3

Millport 3


Allan Smith (Rothesay)

Port Bannatyne 4

Millport 4


George Reynolds (Rothesay)

Port Bannatyne 5

Millport 5











Contact details:- Jim Watson, Match Secretary

Blairmore and Strone Golf Club


Tel 01369 840469 / 07938 182524

Firth of Clyde Tee Off times

29th May 2017


FOC June 2017

29th May 2017

Ettrick Bay Tearooms Summer Cup

Coming up also at Port Bannatyne will be the start of the Ettrick bay summer cup on Wednesdays throughout June , July & August this will have a pairs scramble format over 12 holes. Thanks again go to Alec at Ettrick bay tearoom for his continued support.
First round Wednesday 7th June .


Winners of the First Annual  BYFC Competition

28th May 2017

Social Match

Saturday saw the annual social match with island neighbours Bute gc ,
In lovely conditions Port Bannatyne ran out comfortable 6-0 winners of the match with all but one game fairly one sided.
With food and drinks following the match a good day was had by all.

Sunday saw a two man scramble event sponsored by BYFC and Roddie Leitch, the format worked well and was enjoyed by the players as scoring was good all round.
Early pace was set by Neil Mckirdy and Sam Jamieson on nett 63.7, they were soon joined on that mark by Liam shanks and Davie Greer . But this was overtaken by an excellent 62.2 from Graham fisher and Iain Mcfarlane and with only two groups left on the coarse looked good for victory but alas they were pipped by Joe Livingstone and Donald Standaloft whose 62 stole first place by just 0.2.
The big thank you to Roddie for great sponsorship and a great days competition.
1st Livingstone /Standaloft 62
2nd Fisher/McFarlane 62.2
3rd Jamieson/McKirdy 63.7
Scr Shanks/Greer. 65
Longest drive - S.Jamieson
Nearest pin-4 - D Greer
Nearest pin -10- J. Jardine
Nearest pin-18- G.Dunn

This coming weekend -
Sat sees the firth of Clyde trophy at Blairmore&strone gc
Players will be notified of arrangements.

Sunday the William Bremner Allison memorial at Rothesay gc.

22nd May 2017

Social match v Bute, Saturday 27th May

Team to face Bute, meet at club at 11.00 for rolls, tea & coffee for an 11.30 start.
Sam Jamieson (capt)
Roddie leitch
Joe Livingstone
Matthew Dunn
John Black
Hector Whitelaw
Gordon Mcintyre
Robert McArthur
Robert Turnbull
Jim Thom
Ian McFarlane
Ian macLeod


21st May 2017

Hector Scott trophy

Last weekend at Port Bannatyne the Hector Scott trophy was played over two rounds , Saturdays first round the pace was set by Robert Turnbull with a nett 63, second was Gordon Mcintyre with 65.
Sunday saw breezy and showery conditions with some higher scoring, but lowest on the day was David Greer with a nett 65 to add to his Saturday 70 , with Robert slipping to a 75 David took the trophy by a two shot margin on 135 to Roberts 137.
Well done to David.

Saturday css 66
Twos- Ian Mcfarlane x2
Sunday css 68

This coming weekend

Saturday 27th -social match at home to Bute GC
Players be at clubhouse by 11.30am

Sunday 28th - sees the first running of the BYFC two man scramble hosted by Roddie Leitch , with lots of great prizes, players please show your support. Pick your own partner, ballots between 8.30 and 12.30
Claire will be serving food from 12.
Prizegiving approx 4.30 - 5pm


15th May 2017

M & M winner Matthew Leich

Donald Standaloft presenting Matthew Leich with the M & M Trophy

15th May 2017

Friday 9 Hole

A busy weekend of golf at Port Bannatyne
started with Friday nights 9 hole medal,
Alan Stewart took the honours with 18 stableford points.

Spring Handicap

Saturday saw the Spring handicap trophy played and with some rain taking the sting from the course scoring was better, Donald Standaloft scoring 63 nett, better though was
Joe Livingstone shooting a gross 70 , nett 61 to lift the trophy .
Two's- D. Standaloft - 18th
Css 66

May Medal

Sunday was the May medal
First class winner - G.Dunn -65
Second class winner - C.Renfrew-63
Scratch winner - D.Standaloft -63
D.Standaloft 12&18
G.Dunn 12th
S.Jamieson 16th
Css 66


10th May 2017

9th May 2017

Salmon Leap

The Friday night Salmon Leap will be played over 9 Holes for a trial period to see if we get more entries.


9th May 2017

Toxic Tee & Golf

Friday 19th May. Two cocktails for £10 tickets from Elaine of Ann.


8th May 2017

Tee in the Port

Ticket sales for Saturday 20th May at the joint campus are a bit slow,  unless they pick up the TITP team will be forced to cancel. If you intend going please buy your tickets asap.


8th May 2017

M & M 

The M&M trophy was going to the wire with Tommy Duncan Snr of Rothesay and Matthew Leitch of Port Bannatyne both tied on 134 after two rounds, 5 clear of nearest challenger George Reynolds of Rothesay on 139. Full report in next weeks Buteman. Watch out for knockout draws on the notice board .
This weekend sees -
Saturday 13th spring handicap
Sunday 14th May medal
Usual ballot times


1st May 2017

Our new advertising banner in Rothesay

1st May 2017

M & M

The M&M will reach its conclusion this Sunday
at Port Bannatyne after rounds over Rothesay and Bute.
Fixtures Saturday 6th May - 9 hole medal
               Sunday 7th May - M&M final round (Port Bannatyne )
Knock out sheets are on notice board till Monday 7th May.


23rd April 2017

JMF tankard 2017


On Sunday, the 17th year of the Jim Fergus memorial tournament took place over the Port links, with 35 golfers competing for the trophy in lovely sunny conditions.
The early pace was set by Ian Shaw with an excellent gross 69 -nett 62, but he would be pipped later by Roddie leitch and his nett 61 , which held on throughout the remainder of the day to take the honours.
As usual a fantastic array of prizes where given by the Fergus family and the club is hugely grateful to them for their continued support of the event and the club.
1st- Roddie leitch 61
2nd- Ian Shaw. 62
3rd- Matthew leitch 64
Scratch - Donald Standaloft 68
Best overseas -David Fergus 67
Nearest pin -4th Liam Shanks
10th- David Greer
18th- David Fergus
Nearest 3rd in two - Donald Standaloft
Two's -Ian Shaw, David Fergus, Hector Whitelaw .
Css 66

Next week Sat 29th - 9 Hole medal
Sunday 30th- M&M round 1 (Rothesay)
Knockout sheets are on notice board.


14th April 2017

Blairmore & Strone Golf Club

Charity Pairs Event  in aid of Cowal Hopspice

Sunday 23rd April

Running Ballot from 10am- 2pm

Greensome format

Ladies, gents or mixed pairs

Entry fee £15 per pair

£50 first prize £25 second prize

Details Pat Hutchinson  07708590914

Host of Firth Of Clyde Tournaments 2017

Come and try the course before the tournaments


Blairmore & Strone Golf Club – PA23 8TH


10th April 2017


Ann Kennovin was the worthy winner of the first Port Bannatyne Scottish Golf Ladies Medal of 2017.  Ann put her first couple of poor warm-up holes behind her to score very well on the last 6. The 9 hole Stableford was played on smooth fairways and greens which have been sanded, tined and scarified. Bodes well for superb putting surfaces again at The Port during 2017.


10th April 2017


The Get into Golf open event on Saturday afternoon took place in warm sunshine.  Coach Elaine Thom said: "The come-and-try event has attracted a small group who will be great to work with, they showed strong early potential, easily picking up putting and chipping techniques."  If you would like to Get into Golf - contact Port Bannatyne Golf Club.


9th April 2017

April Medal

A healthy 26 players turned out for the April medal and most took advantage of the good conditions .
Best of the day though was David Greer , continuing his good early season form with an excellent nett 61 .
Second went to Sam Jamieson with nett 63
Lowest gross score of the day was Donald Standaloft with level par 68.
Jim bicker had the only 2 of the day at the 10th.
Css 66

1st class winner D Greer
2nd class winner S Jamieson
Scratch winner. D Standaloft

Next week Saturday 15th sees the first of a series of 9 hole medals played throughout the season .
Players play holes 1-8 then 12 from medal tees.
Sunday 16th is the McMillan qualifier.
Usual ballot times.


2nd April 2017

The new season Tee'd off at Port Bannatyne golf club with the Subscription /Peggy Adam cup .
Good weather saw a reasonable turn out and some good scoring, winning the first silverware of the new season though was Robert Turnbull with a fine nett 64 , pipping Liam Shanks into second with his 65.
Good news also for jim Thom & Iain McFarlane scooping the two's pot.
Css was 66.

Next weekend - Sunday 9th , April medal
Usual ballot times.


30 March 2017

Thanks to Iain L MacLeod for the winter league photos

Winter league 2016/7 Competitors

Winter league winners 2016/7

27th March 2017

Rothesay motor services Winter league 2016/17

Shanks&Greer retain title !
On a sunny Sunday morning on the links,
Liam shanks and David Greer retained their Winter league title with a 2&1 win over Donald Standaloft and Hector Whitelaw ,birdies at 3&7 gave Donald and hector a 2up lead through8, but a run of 3's from 9 through 14 from David and Liam gave them a firm grip of the match that they did not relinquish , shaking hands on the 17th for a 2&1 victory .
Alan Stewart& Jim Hinshelwood won the 3rd place play off with a comfortable 7&6 victory over Roddie and Ryan leitch.
Another notable victory came in the wooden spoon match with Graham fisher saving the sponsors blushes by beating Mathew Dunn in a singles match giving the later the dreaded spoons .
Members enjoyed food&drink along with fun and games in the clubhouse afterwards thanks to all who helped out and took part. Many thanks also go to Davie & staff at Rothesay motor services for their continued support of the tournament and the club.

Shanks/Greer bt Standaloft /Whitelaw 2&1
Ried/Fisher bt Dunn/Dunn 4&3
Stewart/Hinshelwood bt leitch/leitch 7&6
Ivory/Leitch bt Livingstone /Mcarthur 3&2
Shaw/Jardine bt Webster/Mcphail 1up
Turnbull/ Maltman bt Marshall/Dunn 5&4
Lintmans/Dunn halved Jamieson/Black
Mckirdy/Whitelaw bt Thom/Mcintyre 1up

This coming Sunday April 2nd the new season starts with the Peggy Adam cup.
Usual ballot times.


20 March 2017

Sam Jamieson has spoken with Ian on Thursday to decide what was happening on finals day and we decided that even if the golf is off “Finals Day” will still go ahead. Food will be served around half one and then an “alternative games day” will take place. Drinks deals will be on also.


19th March 2017

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League

Finals day Sunday March 26th

9.30 shotgun start.. fixtures/starting Tee

1st- Shanks/Greer v Whitelaw/Standaloft
1st- Reid/Fisher v Dunn/Dunn (WS)
2nd- leitch/leitch v Stewart/Hinshelwood
3rd - Ivory/Leitch v Livingstone/McArthur
4th - Webster/McPhail v Shaw/Jardine
5th - Turnbull/Maltman v Marshall/Dunn
6th - Lintermans/Dunn v Jamieson/Black
7th - Thom/McIntyre v McKirdy/Whitelaw

Show your support for your club and sponsor,
Food, Fun and drinks, golf bag draw and raffle.
Prizegiving approx 2 pm.

Results - march 12th sweep medal
Winner - David Greer -65

Congratulations go to Roddie leitch for his first ever medal win on Sunday rounding off what has been a successful winter campaign for him . Results-
March medal - 19th march.
Scratch- Liam shanks -73
1st class - Jim Thom - 75
2nd class- Roddie Leitch -62


17th March 2017



In Scotland, over 300,000 people regularly enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and exercise that golf offers.  Whether you’re keen to get active, get social or you just want to try out a new sport, why not Get into Golf?


What is Get into Golf?   Get into Golf is a national campaign initiated and supported by Scottish Golf and run by participating Scottish golf clubs.  SCOTTISH GOLF have developed a dedicated website to encourage new and lapsed golfers to find out more:  http://www.getintogolfscotland.org/


Where can I learn?  Get into Golf has been run by Level 1 coach Elaine Thom at Port Bannatyne Golf Club for the past two years.  During this time, many adults throughout Bute have been introduced to the game.  Claire Colhoun, who enjoyed the sessions during 2015 and played competitively during 2016, said “It was great fun and the fresh air and fitness aspects were a bonus! Elaine was an amazing, motivating coach whose enthusiasm and love for the game was infectious.”

Elaine says “At Port Bannatyne Golf Club our aim is to encourage adult beginners to learn to play the game.   We offer non-golfers the opportunity to pick up a golf club and feel that great sensation of hitting a golf ball.  Some of the adult learners over the past two years have moved on to play competitively while others simply enjoy playing socially with friends.”


Group coaching sessions for adult beginners to learn the skills, techniques and rules of the game and above all engage in golf’s fun, social side are on offer at very low cost.  Sessions are designed to break skills down into “easy to learn chunks”, promote an inclusive club culture and engage adults who have never played golf before - or who are looking to pick it up again.


If this is your first foray into golf, come and join in on one of our Open Events where you will be met by the coach, introduced to the Club’s facilities and can take part in a short, fun lesson.  (Equipment is provided - wear non-slip trainers and loose, comfortable clothes.)

·         Start at the clubhouse for a tour of the facilities and a chat with the coach.

·         Complimentary putting & chipping taster session.

·         Finish at the clubhouse for information about introductory coaching sessions and membership opportunities.


Port Bannatyne Golf Club Open Events  2017

Friday 7 April        6.00pm – 7.30pm

Saturday 8 April   2.00pm – 3.30pm


Port Bannatyne Golf Club Get into Golf sessions on Bute have been supported by:

Scottish Golf – Coach education and coaching resources.

Rothesay Sports Hub - Funding for coaching qualifications.

Argyll & Bute Health & Wellbeing Network - Grant for clubs used in the coaching sessions.

6th March 2017

Fees are due 1st April, they are to remain the same as last year. For full details see fees page.

5th March 2017

Rothesay motor services winter league

Liam shanks and Davie Greer stayed on coarse to retain their RMS winter league title
Reaching the final again with a hard fought last hole 1 up victory over Alan Stewart & Jim Hinshelwood.
They will face Hector Whitelaw and Donald Standaloft who overcame Roddie and Ryan Leitch 3&1 in a close low scoring match.
Finals day takes place on march 26 with full fixtures to follow.

This Sunday 12th march will be a sweep medal with usual ballot times.

Semi finals day results
Leitch/Leitch lost to Standaloft/Whitelaw 3&1
Shanks/Greer bt Stewart/Hinshelwood 1up
Shaw/Jardine lost Livingstone/McArthur 5&4
Webster/McPhail lost Ivory/Leitch 19th
Dunn/Lintermans bt Marshall/Dunn 4&3
Turnbull/Maltman lost to Fisher/Reid 1up
McKirdy/Whitelaw lost Jamieson/Black 6&5
Dunn/Dunn lost to Thom/ McIntyre 6&5

26th February 2016

Rothesay motor services winter League

Semi finals day fixtures
8.30 Leitch/leitch v Standaloft/Whitelaw
8.40 Shanks/Greer v Stewart/Hinshelwood
8.50 Shaw/Jardine v Livingstone/McArthur
9.00 Webster/McPhail v Ivory/Leitch
9.10 Dunn/Lintermans v Marshall/Dunn
9.20 Turnbull/Maltman v Fisher/Reid
9.30 McKirdy/Whitelaw v Jamieson/Black
9.40 Dunn/Dunn v Thom/ McIntyre

26th February 2017

20 hardy souls braved the wet and windy weather on Sunday morning for the pairs stableford .
Reduced to 12 holes, 3rd place on count back went to Matt and Ryan Leitch 27pts,
Runners up on 27 Pts, the evergreen jim Bicker and jim Thom.
But taking the pot and prizes with 29 Pts were capt John Black and Sam Jamieson.

21st February 2017

Men's Seniors Fixtures

The list is now on the notice board, please indicate your availability.


20th February 2017

Sunday 26th February

Pairs stableford £5 entry per pair
Lowest nett score of the pair at each hole
Equals stableford points , highest points total wins .
Full handicap.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd,3rd

15th February 2017

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League


 Quarter Finals 19th Feb

8.30    Shaw/Jardine v Leitch/Leitch

8.40    Livingstone/McArthur v Stewart/Hinshelwood

8.50    Shanks/Greer  v  Ivory/ Leitch

9.00    Webster/McPhail v Whitelaw/Standaloft

9.10    Thom/McIntyre v Turnbull/Maltman

9.20    Lintermans/Dunn v Reid/Fisher

9.30    Marshall/Dunn v Jamieson/Black

9.40    N McKirdy/J Whitelaw  v   Dunn/ Dunn

6th February 2017

November Medal

We will attempt to hold the re-scheduled November Medal this coming Sunday 12th February weather permitting.

AGM      Wednesday 22nd February 2017

In the clubhouse 7.30pm, there are still some vacancies to be filled on the committee if you feel you would like to serve your club.

30 January 2017

Great night at Saturday's prize giving dinner, thanks to all involved. Great Disco Stav.

Elaine Thom, Donald Standaloft & Hector Whitelaw

30 January 2017

Rothesay motor services winter league

League A
Shaw/Jardine bt Standaloft/Whitelaw 2&1
Ivory/Leitch bt Marshall/Dunn 2&1
Livinstne/McArthur bt Thom/McIntyre 2&1
Whitelaw/McKirdy bt fisher/Reid 6&5
League B
Shanks/Greer bt Dunn/Lintermans 2&1
McPhail/Webster bt Turnbull/Maltman 8&7
Stewart/Pedder halved Black/Jamieson
Dunn/Dunn bt Leitch/Leitch 4&3

Final qualifying positions and knockout fixtures will be posted in clubhouse.
This Sunday 5th February will be February medal.

23 January 2017

Winter League Week 7 Fixtures 29th January

8.30 Fisher/ Reid v Whitelaw/McKirdy

8.40 Webster/ McPhail v Turnbull/Maltman

8.50 Shaw/Jardine v Standaloft/Whitelaw

9.00 Jamieson/Black v Stewart/Hinshelwood

9.10 Marshall/Dunn v Ivory/Leitch

9.20 Shanks/Greer v Lintermans/Dunn

9.30 Thom/McIntyre v Livingstone/McArthur

9.40 Dunn/Dunn v Leitch/Leitch

22 January 2017

Rothesay motor services winter league

Week 6 results

League A

Ivory/Leitch bt Livingstone /McArthur 5&4
Shaw/Jardine bt Dunn/Marshall 5&4

Whitelaw/Standaloft bt Reid/Fisher 5&4

Thom/McIntyre bt McKirdy/Whitelaw 4&2

League B

Leitch/Leitch bt Lintermans/Dunn 2&1
Shanks/Greer bt Jamieson/Black 2&1
Stewart/Hinshelwood bt Webster/McPhail 3&2
Dunn/Dunn bt Turnbull/Maltman 4&2

League A.            Pts

Shaw/Jardine       16  +23
Stdlft/Whitelaw.   15. +  9
Thom/McIntyre.   13. +  7
Livstne/McArthur 13. + 2
Ivory/Leitch.          12. - 1
Marshall/Dunn.       9.   0
McKirdy/Whitelaw  7.  -22
Fisher/Ried             5.   -18


League B.               Pts

Shanks/Greer.          15.    +5
Stewart/Hinslwood  14.    +12
Webster/McPhail.     13.    +5
Leitch/Leitch.            12.    +1
Lintmans/Dunn.        12.    +2
Jamieson/Black.       10.    +6
Turnbull/Maltman.     10.   -11
Dunn/Dunn.                9.    -4


Week 7 fixtures,  Sunday 29th January


8.30 Fisher/Ried vWhitelaw/McKirdy
8.40 Webster/McPhail v Turnbull/Maltman
8.50 Shaw/Jardine v Standaloft/Whitelaw
9am Jamieson/Black v Stewart/Hinshlwood
9.10 Marshall/Dunn v Ivory/Leitch
9.20 Shanks/Greer vLintermans/Dunn
9.30 Thom/McIntyre v Livingstone/McArthur
9.40 Dunn/Dunn v Leitch/Leitch


Members are reminded the prizegiving takes place this sat 28th @ 7.30 . There will be a buffet and disco so come along and make a night of it .


15th January 2017

Winter League

Due to heavy rain the Winter League has been cancelled this week and will continue next Sunday 22nd January.

12th January 2017

Prize giving and Disco

Saturday 28th January 2017, 7.30 pm, bring a friend. Please support the club.

12th January 2017

Burn's Night

Should really be called " we need a new Fairway Mower Night" but Burn's Night sounds better. Jim Bicker has kindly agreed to organise the Supper. February 18th in the clubhouse 7.30.

We need your support

12th January 2017

AGM      Wednesday 22nd February 2017

In the clubhouse 7.30pm, there are still some vacancies to be filled on the committee if you feel you would like to serve your club.

8th January 2017

Sam Jamieson won Saturday's January Medal with a net 65.

Rothesay motor services Winter league

Fixtures for Sunday 15th January .

8.30 Livingstone/McArthur v Ivory/Leitch
8.40 Leitch/Leitch vLintermans/Dunn
8.50 Shaw/Jardine v Dunn/Marshall
9.00 Jamieson/Black v Shanks/Greer
9.10 Whitelaw/Standaloft v Fisher/Reid
9.20 Stewart/Hinshelwood v Webster/McPhail
9.30 Whitelaw/McKirdy v Thom/McIntyre
9.40 Turnbull/Maltman v Dunn/Dunn

Could all players with trophies please return then for engraving .
Prizegiving will be
Saturday January 28th.

4th January 2017

January Medal

This Sunday 8th January.