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19th March 2019


Sunday brings the climax to the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League at the Port, with plenty on offer for everyone. The Championship Match  will be contested between Donald Standaloft and Davie Kilpatrick versus Mark Crichton and Steven Greenshields, both at short odds from the early rounds. At the other end of the scale, Jim Thom and Gordie McIntyre will strive to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon against the Dunn brothers.
With food and drinks at 1pm, followed by the prize giving at approximately 2pm, there is plenty on offer for all, including a draw for a new golf bag and accessories.

Sunday’s matches (with a shotgun start at 9.30 am):-
1st   Standaloft/KIlpatrick v Crichton.Greenshields
2nd Jamison/Black v Manvell/Ivory  
3rd  Marshall.Dunn v Whitelaw/McKirdy
4th  Whitelaw/Stewart v Lintermans/Dunn
5th  R & M Leitch v J & R Leitch
6th  Bicker/McFarlane v Standaloft/McArthur
7th  Thom/McIntyre v M & S Dunn

Weekend Results:-
Winter Trophy:-
1st   D.Standaloft   42 points
2nd  C.Renfrew.     38
3rd. R.McArthur.    33

March Medal:-
1st Class Winner -  I.McFarlane
2nd class             -  C.Renfrew
Scratch                - D.Standaloft 


11th March 2019 

With wind and rain putting paid to Sunday’s March Medal, the members of the club on their tour to Turkey didn’t miss out on adding to their medal collection. We await tales of who had to wear the fez fort the worst score most days. 
With the forecast for the week not promising, this Sunday’s scheduled round in the Winter Trophy must be in some doubt. The Winter Trophy is decided on the best aggregate 3 scores from five
Watch this space and the notice board for rearranged dates for it, if necessary, the March Medal and all details of Winter League finals day on Sunday March 24th.
With the Peggy Adams Cup subscription medal, which signals the start of the new season, scheduled for March 31st, Match Secretary Donald Standaloft will be hopeful of clearing the winter backlog before then.


4th March 2019

Bunker at the 10th

Thanks to Graham and Sam we now have a dry bunker on the 10th


4th March 2019

Wilk Welcomes New Seniors Formula

Port Bannatyne Seniors, under new Convener Mike Ivory, have adopted a new regime for their Tuesday morning sessions. As a break from the tried and tested  weekly prescription of
Stablefords, a 9-hole medal will be played  off half handicap once a month, using holes 1-8 and the 12th.
In Tuesday’s inaugural playing, the emphatic winner was Tommy Wilkinson. His nett 33 was good enough to win by 3 shots, while also posting the best scratch score.
Ironically, with the new formula aimed at giving the Seniors more opportunities to maintain their handicaps, the CSS deemed it to be a non-counter.
Leading scores:-
1. Tommy Wilkinson 44 (11)  33
2. Mike Ivory 45 (9)  36
3. Jim Bicker 45 (8)  37

Port Club Bucks the Downward Trend

In an age when many golf clubs are suffering severe financial pressures, the members attending Port Bannaryne’s AGM on Wednesday were heartened when Treasurer Jim Thom reported a surplus of over £3000 for season 2018/19. 
The improvement on last year’s figures was due to an increase in subscription income, regular use of the clubhouse for functions, plus generous sponsorship and grants.
In his review of the year, Captain Hector Whitelaw paid tribute to the work, over many years, by greenkeeper John Marshall, who had just retired, and the support given to him by Greens Convener Graham Dunn. The Club looked forward to welcoming new greenskeeper Duncan Lyon in the coming weeks.
Match Secretary Donald Standaloft reported that there had been 26 different winners of competitions throughout the year and presented a comprehensive fixture list for the coming season.
Extra pressure would be exerted on all match play competitors to play their ties by the deadline. The Club was grateful for the support of several generous sponsors for its varied competitions.
The meeting passed the fee structure as proposed by the committee, involving a 4.5% increase for most categories. This was due in part to the £3.25/person increase in the annual levy to the SGU.
Captain Hector Whitelaw continues for a second year in office, with a largely unchanged committee. Sam Jamieson comes in as Vice-Captain, while continuing with his current successful role as Clubhouse Convener.

Winter League will see new winners

With all four semi-finalists consisting of relatively new pairings there was always going to be a new winner this year. That will now be either Donald Standaloft and Davie Kilpatrick or Mark Crichton and Steven Greenshields, emphatic winners of Sunday’s semi finals.
Semi final results:-
Crichton & Greenshields bt Manvell & Ivory 7&5
Standaloft & Kilpatrick bt Black and Jamieson 5&4
Finals day on Sunday March 24th will leave the rest of the field fighting for final places and the wooden spoons, with lots of prizes to be won on the day


25th February 2019

This Wednesday is the club's AGM at 7.30 pm 

in the Clubhouse


25th February 2019


After weeks of match-play, when you can always blame your partner for a poor result, it was everyone for himself in Sunday’s February medal, with  its more demanding stroke-play format. Best score of the day was by form horse Sam Jamieson, whose 64 won the first class medal. A stroke behind was Matthew Leitch, taking the second class medal, with both attracting the match secretary’s knife, with the CSS on the day being 66. Donald Standaloft took the scratch award with his score of 68.While Matthew took the family glory, father Roddie was happy to settle for being the day’s financial winner, his magic 2 at the 12th hole scooping the 4 week rollover.

This Sunday its back to the nitty gritty of the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League with Donald Standaloft & Davie Kilpatrick facing Sam Jamieson and John Black in the first semi-final at 8.30, with Mark Crichton & Stephen Greenshields out 10 minute later to face Mike Ivory and Mike Manvell.

While the other matches will not see the winners challenging for the podium, there is enough family rivalry obvious from the ties to make sure everyone is going flat out to claim bragging rights.

Other matches:-
8.50. Dunn/Lintermans v Dunn/Marshall
9.00  Whitelaw/Stewart v Whitelaw/McKirdy
9.10  Bicker/Renfrew v Thom/McIntyre
9.20  R & J Leitch  v Standaloft/McArthur
9.30  M & S Dunn v R & M Leich


18th February 2019

Rothesay Motor Services Winter League

Sunshine breaks for semi -finalists 

A miserable early morning of cold and rain gave way to sunshine on the Port course  as four pairs emerged to contest the semi-finals of Rothesay Motor Services Winter League
Quarter final results:-
Crichton & Greenshields bt F. Lintermans 3&2
Standaloft & Kilpatrick bt H.Whitelaw 9&8
Ivory & Manvell by McKirdy & Whitelaw 7&6
Black & Jamieson b tMarshall & Dunn 3&2
R & J Leitch bt S & M Dunn 5&4
Renfrew & Bicker bt R & M Leitch 5&3
Thom & McIntyre halved with Standaloft & McArthur 

With no substitutes permitted in the knock-out stages, other commitments by their partners meant some players had to fight a lone battle. One such was Hector Whitelaw, who, fresh from the heady heights of last week, found the combination of Donald Standaloft and David Kilpatrick too demanding a task, succumbing by 9&8
Conversely a place in the semi-finals is a singular achievement for Davie Kilpatrick, after many years away from golf in shinty management and now only two games away from a winning comeback.


11th February 2019


Sunday’s final matches in the league sections of Port Bannatyne Motor Services Winter League were skewed somewhat by an overnight malaise in the Dunn household, which resulted in some players left single handed and walk-overs for others. At the end of the day, Match Secretary, Donald Standaloft, had some head-scratching to do before being able to determine the quarter finalists.This was particularly the case in League B, with three teams on 11 points for the final qualifying spot. They could not be divided on the basis of their head-to-head results as each had won one each. I was only after scrutinising the margins of victory that Donald announced that. On that basis, Graham Dunn, absent on the day, and Francois Lintermans would go forward to the quarter finals, leaving Gordie McIntyre and Jim Thom and Ryan and Jordan Leitch, left to scrap for the minor placings.
Central to McIntyre and Thom’s demise was super-
sub Colin Renfrew who partnered Captain Hector Whitelaw in defeating them 4&3. This was Colin’s fourth appearance as a sub over the winter, boasting a 100% record and thereby repeating a similar record last season. His rates are so reasonable too! 

Week 7 results:-
Jamieson/Black by MacPhail/Barnett 5&4
Standaloft/Kilpatrick bt R & M Leitch 7&6
R & J Leitch bt Lintermans/Dunn 4&3
Marshall?Dunn bt M & S Dunn 5&4
Whitelaw/Renfrew bt Thom?McIntyre 4&3
Final League positions:-
League A                                 Pts
1. Crichton & Greenshields     13 
2. Manvell & Ivory                  11
3. Marshall  & Dunn                10
4 Standaloft & Kilpatrick.        10
5 R & M Leitch                         9 
6  M & S Dunn                          6

League B 
1  Whitelaw & Stewart             16
2. Black & Jamieson                 13 
3  Whitelaw & McKirdy           12
4  Dunn & Lintermans              11 *
5  Thom & McIntyre.                11
6. R & J Leitch                          11
7  MacPhail & Barnett.               6
* Dunn & Lintermans go through on more holes won

Quarter-final draw (Sunday 17th February)
8.30 Crichton/Greenshields v Dunn/Lintermans
8.40 Whitelaw/Stewart v Standaloft/Kilpatrick
8.50  Manvell/Ivory v Whitelaw/McKirdy
9.00 Black/Jamieson v Marshall Dunn
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9.10  R & M Leitch v MacPhail/Barnett
9.20 Thom/McIntyre v McArthur/Standaloft
9.30  M & S Dunn v R & J Leitch   

Iain MacLeod





4th February 2019

Tension mounts for Winter League hopefuls

Looking over the 18th fairway

With the Port course only suitable for sledging, the last qualifying round of the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League had to be put on ice.
In League A, despite having no matches in the last two rounds, leaders Mark Crichton and Steven Greenshields are already high and dry in the quarter-finals, as are the two Mikes, Ivory and Manvell.
In league B, the Whitelaw/Stewart, Dunn/Lintermans and McKirdy/Whitelaw combos have all but secured their spots. This Sunday, however, the promised thaw should see tense battles for the last qualifying places in both leagues in the postponed week 7 matches.

Supersub Colin Renfrew

Not for the first time this season , Colin Renfrew again proved himself the must-go-to substitute, here standing in for Jimmy Dunn to help John Marshall to victory. His rates are so reasonable too!

Iain L MacLeod


4th February 2019

This weeks final round of fixtures 
Week 7,   Sunday 10th February 

8.30 Mcphail/Barnett v Jamieson/Black 
8.40 M&R Leitch v Standaloft/Kilpatrick 
8.50 Dunn/Lintermans v R&J Leitch 
9.00 M&S Dunn v Dunn / Marshall 
9.10 Thom/ McIntrye v Stewart/Whitelaw 



2nd February 2019

Rothesay Motors Winter League

Due to the snow on the course, tomorrows comp. has been cancelled


28th January 2019 



Week 6 Results
Manvell/Ivory bt M & S Dunn 1 up
Jamieson/Black halved with McIntyre/Thom
McKirdy/Whitelaw bt McPhail/Barnett 5&4
Dunn/Marshall bt Standaloft/Kilpatrick 4&3
Whitelaw/Stewart bt R & J Leitch 5&4

While the vagaries of the fixture list (an odd number in their league exacerbated by another couple subsequently pulling out) mean   that League A leaders Mark Crichton and Steven Greenshields are idle  for both weeks 6 and 7, they are already high and dry in the quarters, as are the Mikes, Ivory and Manvell.
In League B,  the Whitelaw/Stewart, Dunn/Lintermans and McKirdy/Whitelaw combos have all but secured their spots. However, this Sunday’s series of last qualifying matches will see  battles for the  for the last place from both leagues.

 Not for the first time this season, Colin Renfrew again proved himself the must-go-to substitute, here standing in for Jimmy Dunn to help John Marshall to victory His rates are so reasonable too!

Supersub - Colin Renfrew

Iain MacLeod


21st January 2019

  Rothesay Motor Services Winter League 

The first signs of Spring allowed The Rothesay Motor Services Winter League to pick up pace with the second successive Sunday of fixtures. Whereas Mark Crichton and Steven Greenshields appear to be skooshing League A, with a 5 point margin over their nearest challengers,  in League B  a defeat for  Graham Dunn and Frankie Lintermans means that have only a narrow lead over a bevvy of opponents.
Results :-
Standaloft/Kilpatrick halved with Crichton/Greenshields
McKirdy/Whitelaw bt R & J Leitch 5&3
M & R Leitch bt Marshall/Dunm 1 up
Whitelaw/Stewart bt Dunn/Lintermans 3&2
Thom/McIntyre bt McPhail/Barnett 5&4

League positions after week 5;-

League A  
1,  Crichton/Greenshields     13 pts
2,  R & M Leitch                    8
3.  Manvell & Ivory                8 
4. Standaloft/Kilpatrick          6
5  M & S Dunn                       5
6  Dunn/Marshall                    4

League B 
1.  Dunn/Lintermans               11pts
2.  Stewart/Whitelaw              10
3,  McKirdy/Whitelaw             9
4.  Thom/McIntyre                   8
5.  Jamieson/Black                   8
6   R & J Leitch                        7
7  McPhail/Barnett                   5

Next week, Sunday 27 January:-
8.30. Manvell/Ivory v M & S Dunn
8.40. Jamieson/Black v Thom/McIntyre
8.50  McKirdy/Whitelaw v McPhail/Barnett
9.00  Dunn/Marshall v Standaloft Kilpatrick
9.10  Whitelaw/Stewart v R & J Leitch

Iain MacLeod


17th January 2019

Burn's Supper

Sorry folks due to unforeseen circumstances this has had to be cancelled.


14th January 2019


The recent unreliable weather relented enough on Sunday to permit a full programme of games in the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League. Wins for Mark Crichton and Stephen Greenshields in League and for Graham Dunn and Frankie Lintermans in League B saw them both creating clear water between them and the chasing packs.
Week 5 results:-

Manvell/Ivory bt Dunn/ Marshall 6&5
Whitelaw/Stewart bt Jamieson/Black 1up
Greenshields/Crichton bt R & M Leitch 8&7
Dunn/Lintermans bt McKirdy/Whitelaw 3&2
Standaloft/Kilpatrick bt S & M Dunn 4&3
G McIntyre/Thom bt R & J Leitch 3&1

League positions after week 5

League A
1 Crichton & Greenshields   11 pts
2 Manvell & Ivory                  8 pts
3 R & M Leitch.                     5 pts
4 M & S Dunn                       5 pts
5 Standaloft & Kilpatrick.      4 pts
6 Dunn & Marshall                3 its

League B
1Dunn & Lintermans             10 pts 
2 Jamieson & Black                8 pts
3 R & J Leitch                         7 pts
4 Stewart & Whitelaw             7 pts
5 Whitelaw & McKirdy.           6 pts
6 McPhail & Barnett.              5 pts
7 McIntyre & Thom                5 pts

League B leaders Francois Lintermans and Graham Dunn

This week’s fixtures - Sunday 20th
8.30  Standaloft/Kilpatrick v Crichton/Greenshields
8.40  R & J Leitch v McKirdy/Whitelaw
8.50 M & R Leitch v Dunn/Marshall
9.00 Dunn/Lintermans v Whitelaw/Stewart
9.10  McPhail/Barnett v McIntyre/Thom

Iain MacLeod


7th January 2019

Captain v Vice-Captains match

The traditional Captain v Vice-Captains match on January 2nd resulted in a win for the latter by a margin of 3-1, while all enjoyed seasonal refreshments provided by Captain Hector Whitelaw.In the lead match Hector and partner Bobby Pedder lost to stand-in Vice Captains Jim Bicker and Robert Jardine on the last green. The only winners for the Captain’s team were Graham Dunn and Jack Standaloft, beating Mark Crichton and David Kilpatrick 4 & 3.

Captain v Vice Captains

Caption: Seasonal hospitality from Captain Hector Whitelaw

Twelve players took part in the January medal on Sunday.
1st Class winner - Jim Thom - 71
2nd Class winner - Ryan Leitch - 64
Scratch winner - Donald Standaloft - 65

This Sunday sees the resumption of the Rothesay Motor Services Winter League.
Round 5 fixtures:-
8.30. Manvell & Ivory v Dunn & Marshall
8.40  Jamieson & Black v Whitelaw & Stewart
8.50  M & R Leitch v Crichton & Greenshields
9.00  Dunn & Lintermans v McKirdy & Whitelaw
9.10 Standaloft & Kilpatrick v M & S Dunn
9.20 McIntyre & Thom v R & J Leitch
The rescheduled week 4 fixtures will take place on Sunday January 20th.